08 July 2020
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Assistive Technology (AT)

Consider how technologies can assist and support all students.

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Strategies for action

Three key strategies for selecting and using AT to enable learners.

Select and apply for AT

To identify the technology best suited to your student, establish an AT trial.

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A student uses an iPad to increase access to whiteboard content.

Four suggestions for implementing this strategy:

  1. Apply for AT


    • Resources
  2. Use the SETT Framework


    • Resources
  3. Gather and document evidence


    • Video
    • Resources
  4. Access AT to trial


    • Resources

Support staff to plan and use AT effectively

Ensure that everyone knows how to support students in their effective use of AT.

Video hosted on Vimeo

Matt reflects on his use of technology, effective partnerships with teachers, and self-advocacy skills for successful learning. 

One suggestion for implementing this strategy:

  1. ​Use AT to make a difference


    • Video
    • Resources

Use AT in assessments and exams, including NCEA

Ensure that all students have equitable access and are able to participate in assessments and exams alongside their peers.

Two suggestions for implementing this strategy:

Key resources


Assistive technology

Information for schools on how to apply for and manage assistive technology. It contains forms, information sheets, and case studies.

Publisher: Ministry of Education | Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga

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