18 September 2019

Asthma awareness years 1-13

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘Creating inclusive learning environments ’

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Role play

Role play

Making and sharing short videos or doing role plays enables students to understand asthma, support their peers, and make safe decisions.

Learn through literacy

Learn through literacy

Stories supported by downloadable lesson plans.

School Journal stories

Supporting adolescents

Supporting adolescents

Many adolescents are embarrassed about having asthma and using medication, particularly around their friends and peers. 

Build students’ competencies in managing their own health by:

  • ensuring students know how and when they can seek help
  • ensuring confidentiality
  • using subjects such as English, science, history, health and PE, to explore concepts of hauora
  • identifying safe, accessible spaces that students can access if needed for taking preventer medication or doing calm breathing exercises
  • reminding students of where and how to access onsite health professionals.

Source: Child and Adolescent Asthma Guidelines: A Quick Reference Guide (opens in a new tab/window)

Useful resources

Useful resources


Health and physical education: Achievement objectives

Publisher: Ministry of Education | Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga

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Healthy breathing and asthma activity booklet2

Healthy breathing and asthma activity booklet

Publisher: Otago University

Download PDF (4.7 MB)

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