08 July 2020

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Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘Helpful classroom strategies years 1-8’

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Personalise learning

Personalise learning

Identify and minimise barriers to students successfully demonstrating their understanding.

Key considerations when personalising learning for students with FASD are:

  • setting realistic, ambitious, and achievable objectives
  • challenging personal targets
  • rapid intervention to keep students on track
  • constant and responsive assessment to monitor and maintain progress.

Personalising learning checklist

Personalising learning checklist

  • Create opportunities where students can personalise learning tasks and build on their knowledge, experience, and strengths.
  • Develop success criteria with students and present it supported by visuals.
  • Encourage and value independent and collaborative work in different formats, such as mind maps, videos, photos, and diagrams, that work for the student.
  • Provide opportunities for students to gain confidence using a range of media so they can select the most appropriate to express their learning.
  • Make learning support tools available to all students, for example: text-to-speech, graphic organisers, planning tools, and storyboards.
  • Use structured, collaborative peer mentoring, and cooperative learning models.
  • Discuss the best environments for students to work in during exams and assessments.
  • Provide extra time for assessments.



Provide opportunities for students with FASD to work with younger students.

This enables them to reinforce their own learning, collaborate, and experience success.

Use technologies

Use technologies

Online tools enable students with FASD to work at their own pace.

Select computer-based learning programs that enable repetition, are visual, provide immediate feedback, and a hands-on learning experience.

Provide all students with access to tools that:

  • support collaboration and timely feedback, such as Google docs
  • can be customised to meet their individual needs and preferences
  • provide for repetition and allow students to revisit as often as necessary.

Useful resources

Useful resources

This digital tool supports students with developing oral fluency, listening, and writing.


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