12 April 2021

Develop staff understanding of inclusive approaches to support learner differences

Suggestion for implementing the strategy ‘​Supporting inclusive teaching practice before transitioning into the new space’

Recognise learner differences

Recognise learner differences

The development of ILEs must be grounded in knowledge about how people learn and the circumstances in which they do this most powerfully. (OECD, 2015, p. 4)

Understand the need for flexibility

Understand the need for flexibility

… learners differ markedly in the ways in which they can be engaged or motivated to learn …

Some learners are highly engaged by spontaneity and novelty, while others are disengaged, even frightened, by those aspects, preferring strict routine. Some learners might like to work alone, while others prefer to work with their peers.

In reality, there is not one means of engagement that will be optimal for all learners in all contexts; providing multiple options for engagement is essential.

David Rose and Grace Meo

Source: Alberta Regional Learning Consortia

Know your learners

Know your learners

Seek out and understand students’ motivations, values, and needs as learners to inform learning approaches.

Create spaces that are flexible and respectful of individual differences.

Identify barriers to learning

Identify barriers to learning

Ask students experiencing difficulties learning about options and supports that would be useful.

Build these strategies into your environment and offer them to everyone.

Plan for diversity

Plan for diversity

UDL helps teachers plan for the diversity in their classrooms. It supports flexible design that provides options for learners and removes hidden barriers.

More information in the UDL guide.

Useful resources

Useful resources


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Innovative learning environments CORE white paper

Learning environments, belonging and inclusion

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Publisher: CORE Education

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